JMZ-11: A Set of Non-Stochastic Intergrowths in the CHA-GME System Featuring a “sfw-GME” Tail

Mervyn Shannon
Authors: Mervyn D. Shannon, Sanyuan Yang, Daniel Gilleland, Misbah Sarwar, Nicholas McNamara, Joseph Fedeyko and Alessandro Turrina (Johnson Matthey) and Alvaro Mayoral (University of Zaragoza)

JMZ-11 is a family of molecular sieves comprising intergrowths of cha and aft having an "sfw-GME tail". The "sfw-GME tail" can be visualised by electron microscopy and the intergrowth quantified by analysis using a Reichweite 2 DIFFaX model.

The presentation will cover a description of the model, discuss examples of the family of structures and refer to the structure directing agents that give rise to them.