Charles Kanyi


Charles Kanyi is a Senior Catalyst Development Scientist at Johnson Matthey, Savannah, Georgia. Charles received both his B.S degree (Education Science) and M.S degree (Physical Chemistry) from Moi University, Kenya. Thereafter, Charles relocated to USA pursue further studies. He joined State University of New York at Binghamton for his Ph.D. in Materials Chemistry. Immediately after graduating he got a Postdoctoral position at the same University, Binghamton where he worked for 2 years before joining Rive Technology, NJ (now owned by Grace Davidson). Later, Charles joined Johnson Matthey.

Charles joined Johnson Matthey as Zeolite Scientist, and later got promoted to Senior Catalyst Development Scientist. Charles focuses on zeolite and zeolite-based additives for use in Fluid Catalytic Cracking (FCC). Lately, his role has expanded to hydrotalcites based additives for FCC as well as other products for non-refinery applications. Charles has been a nominee for multiple awards including JM Chief Executive Officer as Outstanding Researcher and Catalyst Technology award for Internal Collaborations.