2021-NECZA Poster Abstract

Type: (Undergraduate, Graduate, Postdoc)


Centered Title of Presentation or Poster Here {12 pt. Arial, Bold}

Presenter's Firstname I. Lastname,1 Coauthor I. Lastname2, …, PI Author I. Lastname1,* {11 pt. Arial, Bold}

1 Department, University/Company, Street Address, City, Zip (10 pt, Times New Roman, Italic)

2 Department, University/Company, Street Address, City, Zip

The body of the abstract should be written in single spaced, 10 point, Times New Roman font, with full justification of the margins (1 inch margin). Abstracts must be limited to one page, with a minimum length of 300 words. Figures may be included, but should be inserted following the body of text. Please make sure figures are clear and font sizes are large enough to comfortably see. References should be indicated with superscripts,1 and listed at the end under the References heading in the format indicated below.

- insert Figure here -


[1] I. I. Lastname; I. I. Lastname, J. Zeolite Sci., Vol (Year) 1st_page_#.



You may download a copy of the formatting example as a Word DOCX here